Acrylglas ist ein robuster Kunststoff, der oft anstelle von Glas verwendet wird. Es ist bruchsicher und kann in viele Formen gegossen werden. Acrylglas ist außerdem transparent, was es zu einem idealen Material für Fenster, Aquarien und andere Displays macht.

What is Acrylglas Rohr? Acrylglas Rohr is a clear, shatter-resistant plastic tubing used in a variety of applications, including scientific and medical devices, lighting and signs. It is made of acrylic, a polymer that is composed of monomers of acrylic acid. The tubing is extruded from the melt in the form of a hollow tube. How Is Acrylglas Rohr Made? The acrylic used to make acrylglas rohr is made by heating raw materials in an extruder. The molten material is then forced through a die to create the desired shape and size of the tubing. The cooled tubing is then cut to length and packaged for shipment.